Department of Zoology, University of Tartu, Estonia


Our main focus is on academic research on animals and teaching related subjects. However, since everything is interrelated in nature, our researchers and students also study the plant, fungal and microbial components of ecosystems. Research is conducted and practical courses for students take place in the nature and urban environments as well as research labs. We use cutting-edge molecular, mathematical, physiological and biochemical methods in our research. The research conducted at the Department of Zoology helps to document, understand and protect both local and global biodiversity. Many of our research results also have an applied value in contexts like parasitology, medicine and  better understanding of human nature.

For particular research topics, see the webpages of our four chairs:

Chair of Animal Ecology

Chair of Entomology

Chair of Natural Resources

Chair of Mammalogy

General contacts of the Department can be found here

Contact information of our staff in concise format can be found here. Please see the webpages of our chairs for a more detailed introduction of the staff and graduate students.

For undergraduate studies, the language of instruction is Estonian. See here for bachelor and master studies (in Estonian). A number of courses are however taught in English so exchange students, e.g. via the Erasmus programme are welcome. See here for more information on exchange studies in the University of Tartu.  

Knowledge of English is sufficient for doctoral studies, and students from all over the world are welcome to apply. Please see here for how to apply. Please also see the general information on the  regulation of PhD studies in the University of Tartu and the procedure of PhD studies at the Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences, including progress review procedure and requirements for a doctoral thesis. 


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The expatriate Estonian visiting professorship will be held by Annela Anger-Kraavi and Mart Kuldkepp.
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On 1 December, the University of Tartu celebrates the 103rd anniversary of establishing the Estonian-language university.
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Recipients of University of Tartu honorary decorations announced
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For the first time, the University of Tartu has reached a position among the top 250.