Research at the Department of Zoology

Our main focus is on academic research on animals, and teaching related subjects. However, recognizing the interconnectedness of all facets of nature, our researchers and students also explore the plant, fungal, and microbial components within ecosystems. Our research activities extend from laboratory settings to both natural and urban environments, and encompass cutting-edge molecular, mathematical, physiological, and biochemical methods. The research conducted at the Department of Zoology serves to document, understand, and protect both local and global biodiversity. Many of our research results also hold practical significane, contributing to fields such as parasitology, medicine, and the deeper comprehension of human nature.

For particular research topics, see the webpages of our four chairs:

Chair of Natural Resources

Chair of Animal Ecology

Chair of Entomology

Chair of Mammalogy

Doctoral defence: Robin Gielen "Diversity and ecological role of pathogenic fungi in insect populations"

On 14. November at 10:15, Oecologicum (J. Liivi 2) room 127 Robin Gielen will defend his doctoral thesis "Diversity and ecological role of pathogenic fungi in insect populations"
Teabetunni kaanefoto

­­­­­­­­From doctoral student to doctoral student: why and how to summarise your research in three minutes?

Kolme minuti loengute konkursi ingliskeelne esikolm

Doctoral students are invited to participate in the three-minute thesis competition