PhD theses completed


Ciara Danielle Baines
Adaptation to oncogenic pollution and natural cancer defences in the aquatic environment
Supervisors T. Sepp, L. Saks, M. Giraudeau


Kaarin Hein
Hissing behaviour of free-living Great Tit (Parus major) females reflects behavioural phenotype and breeding success in the wild
Supervisor  V. Tilgar

Markus Valge
Testing the predictions of life-history theory on anthropometric data
Supervisor P. Hõrak

Mari-Ann Lind
Internal constraints on energy processing and their consequences: an integrative study of behaviour, ornaments and digestive health in greenfinches
Supervisors P. Hõrak, T. Sepp


Kunter Tätte
Towards an integrated view of escape decisions in birds under variable levels of predation risk
Supervisors R. Mänd, A.P. Møller


Janek Urvik
Multidimensionality of ageing in a long-lived seabird
Supervisors T. Sepp, P. Hõrak

Killu Timm
Effects of two genes (DRD4 and SERT) on great tit (Parus major) behaviour and reproductive traits
Supervisor V. Tilgar


Richard Meitern
Redox physiology of wild birds: validation and application of techniques for detecting oxidative stress
Supervisor  P. Hõrak


Jaanis Lodjak
Association of Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 and Corticosterone with Nestling Growth and Fledging Success in Wild Passerines
Supervisor  M. Mägi


Marju Männiste
Physiological ecology of greenfinches: information content of feathers in relation to immune function and behavior
Supervisor  P. Hõrak


Rauno Veeroja
Effects of winter weather, population density and timing of reproduction on life-history traits and population dynamics of moose (Alces alces) in Estonia
Supervisor  V. Tilgar


Mart Jüssi
Living on an edge: land-locked seals in changing climate
Supervisor  T. Härkönen, A. Karis

Tuul Sepp
Hematological health state indices of greenfinches: sources of individual variation and responses to immune system manipulation
Supervisor  P. Hõrak

Pauli Saag
Natural variation in plumage bacterial assemblages in two wild breeding passerines
Supervisor  R. Mänd, V. Tilgar


Elin Sild
Oxidative defences in immunological context: validation and application of assays for nitric oxide production and oxidative burst in a wild passerine
Supervisor  P. Hõrak


Riinu Rannap
Impacts of habitat loss and restoration on amphibian populations
Supervisor  A. Lõhmus


Ulvi Karu
Antioxidant protection, carotenoids and coccidians in greenfinches – assessment of the costs of immune activation and mechanisms of parasite resistance in a passerine with carotenoid-based ornaments
Supervisor  P. Hõrak

 Jaanus Remm
Tree-cavities in forests: density, characteristics and occupancy by animals
Supervisor  A. Lõhmus


Priit Kilgas
Blood parameters as indicators of physiological condition and skeletal development in great tits (Parus major): natural variation and application in the reproductive ecology of birds
Supervisor  R. Mänd

Marko Mägi
The habitat-related variation of reproductive performance of great tits in a deciduous-coniferous forest mosaic: looking for causes and consequences
Supervisor R. Mänd

Tatjana Krama
Mobbing behaviour in birds: costs and reciprocity based cooperation
Supervisors  I. Krams (Daugavpilsi Ülikool), R. Mänd


Toomas Esperk
Larval instar as a key element of insect growth schedules
Supervisor  T. Tammaru

 Lea Tummeleht
Physiological condition and immune function in great tits (Parus major L.): sources of variation and trade-offs in relation to growth
Supervisor  P. Hõrak


Juhan Javoiš
The effects of experience on host acceptance in ovipositing moths
Supervisor  T. Tammaru


Lauri Saks
Immune function, parasites, and carotenoid-based ornaments in greenfinches
Supervisor  P. Hõrak


Asko Lõhmus
Habitat preferences and quality for birds of prey: from principles to applications
Supervisor  R. Mänd


Vallo Tilgar
Effect of calcium supplementation on reproductive performance of the Pied Flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca and the Great Tit Parus major, breeding in northern temperate forests
Supervisor  R. Mänd


Tiit Teder
Direct and indirect effects in host-parasitoid interactions: ecological and evolutionary consequences
Supervisor  Toomas Tammaru


Indrek Ots
Health state indices of reproducing Great Tits (Parus major): sources of variation and connections with life-history traits
Supervisor  Peeter Hõrak


Peeter Hõrak
Pathways of selection in avian reproduction: a functional framework and its application in a population study of the Great Tit
Supervisor  Raivo Mänd

Urmas Tartes
Respiration rhythms in insects


Bachelor’s degree graduation ceremony 2024